Casa Hogar

During the 1986 World Cup in Mexico our Red Devils were very moved by the grinding poverty of many of the city’s street children. Therefore they donated part of their match bonuses to offer help to the less fortunate children in Toluca. The Martinez family, who owned the Hotel Del Rey Inn where the Belgian delegation stayed during the WC, helped make their dream come true. Twenty-five years later the family took over the Casa Hogar project from the RBFA.

Casa Hogar opened its doors in 1987. Thirty children were given a home there then but over the years hundreds of children have passed through its doors. However Casa Hogar is not just a refuge for street children; it is also a place where local residents can follow all kinds of educational courses.

Six libraries were also founded. The first was opened during a visit by the RBFA in 1997, the second was opened a year later by Prince Philip and the following year the third library was opened by the former Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene.

Honorary Award

Casa Hogar -- Michel d'Hooghe In 1993 the world football association FIFA honoured the RBFA for the Casa Hogar humanitarian project. The Belgian Association was awarded the 1992 Fair Play prize.

Michel D'Hooghe was president of the Accion Diablos Rojos Casa Hogar Foundation. In 1997 our honorary president received the "Great Award of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle" for his contribution. In 2004 he was made Honorary Consul of Mexico.

Transfer to the Martinez family

After 25 years the RBFA’s collaboration with Casa Hogar has come to an end. Each year at least 150,000 EUR was collected to keep the home running but it became more difficult to collect the money. The libraries have been transferred to the town of Toluca. Casa Hogar is now in the hands of the Martinez family who ran the hotel where the Red Devils stayed during the World Cup.  

In September 2011 the Martinez couple, along with Honorary President Michel D'Hooghe, were invited by Prince Philip and Princess Matilda to the Castle in Laken, where they celebrated Casa Hogar’s silver jubilee.

Casa Hogar 2005